Sentry now publishes up-to-date Java JRE packages for TrueSight, Helix and PATROL

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    TrueSight, Helix Monitor and PATROL users, rejoice!


    Starting today, Sentry will be publishing up-to-date Java JRE packages, installable through TrueSight CMA and through the BMC Installation Utility on PATROL Agent.


    You can download the packages for all supported platforms here (it's free, don't worry):


    The JREs come from and are packaged by Sentry as an installable package in TrueSight and PATROL. You need to download the * file to import in TrueSight CMA, or for direct install on a PATROL Agent on Windows, and the  *-thorium.tar file for direct install on a PATROL Agent on Linux/UNIX. The content of the *.tar and *.zip are strictly identical.


    Supported platforms: Linux, Windows x64, Solaris and IBM AIX


    All LTS versions will be published, i.e. versions 1.8 (Java 8), 11 and 14. As of now, the latest versions are 8.0.265, 11.0.8 and 14.0.2.


    Bookmark this so you can grab up-to-date JREs for your TrueSight and PATROL environment!