DWP Catalog - Request Export Doesn't Include the Survey Results

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    MyIT Service Broker


    Exporting a Request from DWP Catalog console doesn't include the survey results in the CSV output.

    Steps to Reproduce :

    • Request a service that has a survey associated to it. Fill in the survey and submit.
    • Go to the DWPC admin console. Go to Service Requests and look for the request that was made. Note that the Survey Response information is displayed (see attached)
    • Export the request information as CSV.

    Expected Results :
    The survey information should be included in the CSV


    Actual Results :
    The survey information isn't included in the CSV



    Confirmed defect https://jira.bmc.com/browse/DRMY1-17812


    Defect: https://jira.bmc.com/browse/DRMY1-17812

    Workaround:  You can grab the survey answers from the following table in the SB tenant table:
    SELECT * FROM myit_sb_SurveyQuestionAnswer

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