TrueSight Infrastructure Management (TSIM) - Integration Service IS keeps on disconnecting with TSIM when Patrol Agent is connected to IS

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    TrueSight Infrastructure Management


    TSIM Integration Service


    The issue is that when Patrol Agent PA ( is connected to new Integration Service IS (, connection to IS is lost. If we remove PA to IS, IS will connect to TSIM fine. If we connect PA ( to IS (BPPM 9.6), it's also working fine. PA ( is installed on the same machine as IS ( If we connect PA ( to another IS, not all agents are showing on the IS.

    Error in IS logs:
    ID 1021fa: I: Connection established with Integration Service on port 3183
    ID 1021fb: W: Connection with Integration Service with port 3183 lost 



    This can happen if you install OpenJDK instead of the supported Azure JRE file on the ISN server.


    Check if you are using OpenJDK instead of the Azure JRE on the ISN Server. If yes:

    1) Install the Azure JRE 8.
    2) Uninstall the ISN server 11.3.03 and reinstall the ISN server 11.3.03.
    3) Point the JAVA_HOME system variable to the Azure JRE 8.
    4) ISN should now be reconnected to the TSIM server successfully.
    5) All other Patrol Agent's server's should be connected back to the ISN server's successfully.


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