BMC Rapid Results for Capacity Optimization

Version 3

    A proven and prescriptive approach for optimal service performance to increase agility and reduce IT cost

    More and more IT organizations are building hybrid data centers based on virtualized and cloud technologies. These new data centers promise greater responsiveness to business service demands at lower operational costs per service. As organizations adopt virtualization and cloud technologies in their hybrid data centers, they’re seeing significantly increased complexity, an explosion of resources and users to manage, and significant increase in the volume of changes required. 


    At the same time, more than 80 percent of the IT Operations market still relies on reactive IT processes and technology. Without a transformative approach to proactively manage IT operations, organizations will not be able to improve service quality and cost management. Instead, IT will spend more time reacting to costly outages, have less visibility into its complex infrastructure, and thus be unable to deliver reliable and costeffective service to the business.


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