How to find the original Distributed View once Customized

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    How to find the original Distributed View name after the View was customized and renamed?  


    We will use the View name $XJCP1 as the example:

    1. Browse the Member $XJCP1 in the user's BBVDEF dataset.

    From Command ===>F  '<distmember>'     
     <name>         $XJCP1             
     <desc>         'My RT CPU job'
     <level>        1 0 0              
     <cust>         YES                
     <changefilter> YES                
     <parmlevel>    FORM               
     <ezmenu>       NO                 
     <basehelp>     JCPUR           H  
     <disptype>     TABLE              
     <userid>       *                  
     <applid>       MVMVS              
     <subapplid>    JOBACT             
     <tranid>       BBM9XCRD           
     <change>       20/06/30 14:38    B
     <product>      MVS                
     <distmember>   BBMZAA05
    2. Copy or write down the associated member name BBMZAA05.
    3. Browse the Installed/Production BBACTDEF dataset library. (You will find the dataset name in the CAS joblog).  

    4. From Command ===>SRCHFOR BBMZAA05
                     Name             Prompt          Size    Created           Changed            ID    
                     BBDSVMMR  *Found  
    5. Select member BBDSVMMR
                    Name             Prompt          Size    Created           Changed            ID    
                 S BBDSVMMR  *Found  

    6. From Command ===>F BBMZAA05
     000116 JCPUR     BBMZAA05   JOBACT   Asiwr      |Real-time job CPU utilization  
     000117 JDCPUR    BBDZAA0T   WORKDEL  Asiwr      |Real-time job CPU delay
     000118 JDDEVL    BBDZCJ07   LONGTERM Waur       |Jobs delayed by devices

     *   Customized View $XJCP1 was created form the Distributed View JCPUR.     

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