DWP Catalog-ITSM User Sync fails with error: Verify that Crossref-Blank-Password is checked

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    BMC Digital Workplace Advanced


    MyIT Service Broker


    DWPC 19.11 and 20.02



    While running the user sync script in DWPC, the below error is received and new users are not getting synced.

    Response code: 500
    Verify that Crossref-Blank-Password is checked: [{"messageType":"ERROR","messageNumber":9146,"messageText":"Password does not meet strength requirements. Passwords should include at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one numeric character, at least one special character from the list \"~!@#$%^&*_-\", and should be from 8 to 30 characters in length.","appendedText":null}]
    Error: User nguyetntn.ho with email address of ******* cannot be created on DWPC. Response: 500: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Verify that Crossref-Blank-Password is checked
    at com.bmc.myservice.tools.etl.Main.createUserIfNotExists(Main.java:337)
    at com.bmc.myservice.tools.etl.Main.updateServiceBroker(Main.java:372)
    at com.bmc.myservice.tools.etl.Main.main(Main.java:463)




    In ITSM AR "Enforce Password Policy and Restrictions" is disabled and in DWPC AR Enforce-Password-Policy is not set to False.




    1. Open "User Password Management Configuration" in ITSM AR.


    2. Check if the "Enforce Password Policy and Restrictions" is disabled.


    3. If disabled in ITSM in step 2, then follow below steps:


    >> Login to DWPC AR Platform with a Tenant Admin.
    >> Go to AR System Administration Console.
    >> Go to Tenant Server Configuration > General > Centralized Tenant Configuration.

    >> Select "com.bmc.arsys.server.shared" in the component type.
    >> Click on Add at the bottom.
    >> Setting Name : Enforce-Password-Policy
    >> Setting Value : F

    >> Apply.

    Note; After following the above steps, set the Crossref-Blank-Password to T as per the BMC documentation and proceed to run the User Sync script.


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