DWP Catalog configure_rsso.sh script turns off cross reference blank password which results into user sync failure

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    BMC Digital Workplace Advanced


    Digital WorkPlace Advance Catalog 1911 and 20.02


    In EA Tab the "Cross Reference Blank Password" setting is not possible to be set with tenant admin user (hannah_admin) on the MidTier. The setting is required for RSSO and the user sync tool.
    The setting can only be set by using the system admin user.
    After a restart of the server the setting seems to get lost again.

    Expected is this should work if we are using the RSSO configuration tool. We should first do the SSO integration before proceeding with User Sync activities.
    It seems configure_rsso.sh turn this parameter off! Then SSO is not working.



    If you see this old doc https://docs.bmc.com/docs/digitalworkplaceadvanced/1802/configuring-bmc-remedy-single-sign-on-integration-for-bmc-digital-workplace-catalog-788652105.html  (before automating the rsso), we need to disable CrossRef option as Demo for RSSO, and we need to enable CrossRef option as hannah for User sync operation.  This is how it is automated however with change in platform starting 1911, settings will not get updated as hannah for user sync.
    For this as Demo one should login to midtier and Open Common Server Configuration-> Centralized Configuration -> arsys.server.shared->shared
    And update CrossRef value to T and save.


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