Datahub Core Service fails with an error "Scheduler supervisor is not responsive. Cannot perform check of remote scheduler" in TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO)

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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    Capacity Optimization


    TrueSight Capacity Optimization 11.5.00



    (1) A generic Scheduler may log messages like these:

    2019-07-25 11:22:34,754 INFO  [main]- Initialized commander: WSSchedulerCommander
    2019-07-25 11:22:34,754 INFO  [main]- [Scheduler] Reset Enqueued Tasks for scheduler #2
    2019-07-25 11:22:35,072 ERROR [main]-
    2019-07-25 11:22:35,103 ERROR [main]-
    2019-07-25 11:22:35,134 ERROR [main]-
    2019-07-25 11:22:35,164 ERROR [main]-
    2019-07-25 11:22:35,186 INFO  [main]- [Scheduler] Recovering tasks


    (2) The Remote Scheduler Supervisor logs errors when trying to contact the failing Scheduler:

    2019-07-25 00:10:03,333 INFO  - [SchedulerSupervisor] Executing command updateExecreqStatus - task: 97 request: 2629
    2019-07-25 00:10:03,335 INFO  - [SchedulerSupervisor] Updating scheduler 2 status to STOPPED
    2019-07-25 00:10:03,336 ERROR - BCO_DH_ERR011: Fail to process command: SchedulerCommand{task=null, taskExecReq=taskid:97 taskexecreqid:2629 position:0 reqtype:RESTART status:DONE, taskStatus=null, taskChain=null, taskChainStatus=null, command='updateExecreqStatus', schedulerid=2, componentId=null, componenttypeId=null, commandId='TER_2629', generalData='null', creationTime=null, isServiceRequest=false, isServiceLogRequest=false, isSchedulerLogRequest=false, logLines=null, isFileCompressionEnabled=false, transferFilePath='null', doNotUpdateStatus=false, additionalCommandProperties=null}
    StackTrace: com.neptuny.scheduler.SchedulerException



    Defect: DRCOZ-22219 - Scheduler supervisor fails to process command related to remote scheduler status


    This problem has been tracked under defect # DRCOZ-22219-Scheduler supervisor fails to process command related to remote scheduler status  which is included in CHF1 for Service Pack 1 (

    When a remote scheduler sends a status message to the scheduler supervisor, an error occurs due to the missing componentid in the message body. The status message is sent when the remote scheduler is stopped or restarted.


    You can remove all the files within this folder on the failing Scheduler $BCO_HOME/scheduler/undeliveredmessages/scheduler-supervisor. 


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