SRM - Intermittent - Fulfillment Records getting stuck in CAI:Events form in running state on event "SRM_OUT_RESTART_SR_SUBMIT".

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    BMC Service Request Management


    BMC Service Request Management




    Intermittent - Fulfillment Records getting stuck in CAI:Events form in running state on event "SRM_OUT_RESTART_SR_SUBMIT".
    <PLUGINSVR> <DEBUG> CAI debug mode in plug-in server logging reports ERROR (99005): and ERROR (99008)

    There is a scheduled Pentaho job that picks up the contents of a csv file and generates service requests, 1 per each row in the file.
    Based on the updates in this escalation, the problem here is the custom workflow on the staging form that is used with the Pentaho job.  The Pentaho job is running all of the updates in a BULK ENTRY.
    This is how BULK ENTRY is designed and it should work that way.  However, the workflow triggers CAI immediately and CAI can't get the data, because it is not committed. 


    A timing issue that occurs because of the use of the ARBulkEntry API call.


    In prior versions of the suite (9.x), specific escalation workflow existed that would automatically retry a broad set of errors (CAI:EVT:RetryEventIfError). This method did not take into account that certain errors could not be addressed by re-trying and caused additional processing and performance problems. In some high performance environments, this retry logic had the effect of obscuring this processing problem by continuing to try until the API transaction was complete. In versions 18.08 and later this workflow was restricted to only attempt a retry for ARERR 92.  
    A timing issue occurs because of our use of the ARBulkEntry API call. ARBulkEntry is used here to improve processing throughput by increasing AR Server's efficiency in importing multiple entries, and Pentaho has been architectured 
    to take advantage of this.  As part of those efficiency benefits, ARBulkEntry only performs its database COMMIT action at the end of the import of all records, instead of taking this action for each record. 

    Under some circumstances, when Pentaho is used for activities that trigger asynchronous processing, such as updating or creating Work Orders the CAI Plug-in is unable to find expected data as it has not yet been committed to the database (until the ARBulkEntry call has completed). 

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