Common Install - z/OS BMIM138F attempting to generate new, SSID or MSSID installation JCL

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    Common Install - z/OS


    Common Install - z/OS


    OZI Installation System error BMIM138F when attempting to generate new, SSID or MSSID install JCL::

    BMIM138F The project you are using contains a component that is no longer
    supported by the current version of the Installation System. To continue to
    use this project you must go to the Execute Project panel and select the
    products you wish to install. Otherwise you should use PF12 to Cancel
    updating this project and Select another project on the Manage Projects


    This error indicates that the selected Project is no longer supported by the version of the Installation System currently in use. For example, the Project may have been created using OZI 3.1.00 and you are now using OZI 3.12.00.

    To circumvent this problem try one or more of the following:

    • Use the version of the Installation System that was used to create the Project in the first place (i.e. hlq.oldver.INSTALL(BMCINSTL).
    • Step through the Installation System Configuration panels ensuring field values are valid.
    • Copy the Project using the Project copy options, and then step through the Installation System Installation and Configuration panels.


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