Remedy AR System Server AR System Deployment Manager - search does not return display-only forms

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Remedy AR System Server


    Remedy AR System Server 9.x Remedy Deployment Manager


    Steps to reproduce issue:

    1) Open the AR System Deployment Management Console
    2) In the left pane under "Manage Package" click on "Create"
    3) Select "Add Definition" from the 'Content Type' drop-down field.
    4) Select "Both" from the 'Include Object Type' drop-down.
    5) Select "Form" from the 'Type Of Object' drop down.
    6) Click on the Search button.

    The search results do not include Display-Only, View, and Vendor forms


    In order to search for Display-Only, View, and Vendor forms (that have not been overlaid), you must select 'Base Only' from the "Type Of Object" drop-down.  (If the Display-Only, View, or Vendor form has an overlay, you would select "Overlay Only')

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