Remedy AR System Server Compatibility Remedy 9 and MS SQL2016

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    BMC Remedy AR System Server 9.0/9.1


    Customer is asking regarding their upcoming upgrade to version 9 of their remedy system what the status of compatibility is between Remedy 9 and MSSQL 2016.

    I've used the compatibility matrix to look at this but couldn't find MSSQL 2016 listed there yet.

    User Environment (near future):
    AR Server: 9.0.00 / 9.1.00
    CMDB: 9.0.00 / 9.1.00
    ITSM: 9.0.00 / 9.1.00
    SRM: 9.0.00 / 9.1.00
    OS: Windows Server
    SQL: MSSQL2016


    1. SQL Server 2016 was not tested ARS 9.0/9.1 as SQL Server 2016 was not released when ARS 9.0/9.1 was released.
    2. However as per the "And Higher" clause, ARS 9.0/9.1 will be supported on SQL Server 2008 and higher.
    3. I would recommend you to first test this combination on your lower environments and in case you run across any issues you can report them to BMC Support.

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