Using command suppression in BMC AMI Console Management for zEnterprise (BACM MVCM)

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    How can I use command suppression to stop BMC AMI Console Management viewer users from entering function keys (like PF7)


    BMC AMI Console Management for zEnterprise (BACM) provides command suppression for any key, key word, or mainframe command. Using command suppression requires using a command suppression file, turning on command suppression in the Console Consolidation (CCS) service, and selecting the console sessions in which you wish the suppression to be active.

    Following, you will find the text of a Command Suppression file in XML format:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <IOCCMDAUTH version="1.0">
       <iocgroup id="0" description="Everybody" >
          <deny function="PF7" />
    Copy the text above and save it into a text file called "  SuppressPF7.xml

    This file will specifically suppress the PF7 key from being entered into a console session, and it can be used as a sample for using command suppression in general. 

    When applied to the CCS server and a specific CCS server session, it will block the PF7 function key from being entered into that session. You will also see the command attempt in the CCS Audit log, with DECLINED after the key stroke so you could see if anyone is trying to use that key. 

    To use the Command Suppression file:

    1. Edit the CCS server(s) where you want to suppress PF7. 
    2. On the General Tab, click the Enable Command Suppression check box. Next, click the up arrow and point to the SuppressPF7.xml file. Make sure this file is in the field after you upload the file. 
    3. In the CCS Server Sessions tab, edit the specific session(s) where you want the PF7 key suppressed. 
    4. On the Input Options tab of the Edit Sessions window, check Enable Command Suppression. 


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