Remedy AR System Server Cannot access current operation owner. ARERR 8753

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Remedy AR System Server


    AR Server 20.02


    Users cannot access the Current Operation Owner within the Remedy Management Console. Error received:

    Error in plugin :
    ARSYS.ARDBC.SG.MANAGEMENT.UTILITY Index 17 out of bounds for length 17 (ARERR 8753)


    Record discrepancy in server group tables


    Confirm user has 18 results on below query:

    select operation,opNum from servgrp_op_mstr order by 2

    If one or more of the 18 records is missing, please refer to article 000156069 to ensure that all entries exist.   
    This article contains the INSERT statements for all 18 entries.  If only a portion are missing, you can execute just those INSERT statements

    Run below query and ensure all servers have 18 values in the opFlags.

    select serverName,opFlags from servgrp_board 

    If a server doesn't have 18 values on the opFlags field, perform below steps:

    1. Stop affected server server.
    3. Delete servgrp_board where servername='<affected server>', (run a select before to ensure only one record will be deleted).
    5. Start affected server server.
    This will recreate values of opFlags field on the affected server and problem will be solved. 



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