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    1. Can customer will be able to view the updated number of credits in the different pots- Annual Entitlement, Prepay Credit ...? 
    >>This is new requirement, not implemented as of now.
    The customer cannot see # of credits remaining. Only the admin who manages customer sees the # of credits in a single form – the total remaining, no types like annual, prepay etc.

    2. On logging onto DWP, can customer will get a view of the latest credit details ..? 
    >>This is new requirement, not implemented as of now.

    3.If the customer has ordered for some SR which has not yet been fulfilled, that credit would be shown in the In Progress Credit pot.. is this available in DWP..? 
    >>This is new requirement, not implemented as of now.
    Credits are deducted as soon as SR is requested

    4. Can customer able to view the up to date credits in the respective pots ..? 
    >>Credit management dashboard is not implemented – you can post customer’s suggestions for the Dashboard on this task

    5. Can we update the customer credits from seamless integration..? 
    >>Not implemented yet. Engineering guess the update can be done via API, but we didn’t have that specifically implement.

    6. what is customer doesn't have sufficient credits to raise the SR...? is there any Prepay credits feature in DWP to provide for the customers..? if yes, 
    >>Customer can go negative credits that later need to be fulfilled.

    7. Once agent fulfills the request, does the updated credit info is reflected in the credit management for the respective customer in DWP and the amount is reflected in the next bill.
    Once request is fulfilled, the SR appears on the Cost Report page.
    Credits are deducted before, just after the SR is submitted.

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