Track-It 20.xx: Public Views are missing or not visible to all technicians.

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    Track-It! 2020 R2


    Track-It! 20.xx


    Public Views created in Track-It! 20.xx are missing or not visible to all technicians.


    There is/was a problem inserting the quickview into the Track-It! 20.xx database.



      1. Open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and connect to the Track-It! 20.xx database.   
    2. Make sure you have a fresh backup    How to backup Track-It! 2020 database.  
    2. Open a new query window and run the below SQL script against the database:  
      declare @qry int  
    declare curs_view cursor for  
    select  SEQUENCE  from [dbo].[QUERY]  
    where [SEQUENCE] not in (select [SEQ_QUERY]  
    from [dbo].[QUERYSINFOLDERS] ) 
      open curs_view  
    fetch next from curs_view into @qry 
      while (@@fetch_status = 0)  
       insert into [dbo].[QUERYSINFOLDERS] values ( 
       (select max(sequence)+1 from [dbo].[QUERYSINFOLDERS]),  
       fetch next from curs_view  
     into @qry  
      close curs_view  
    deallocate curs_view 
      update [dbo].[SMSYSRECNUM] set RECNUM = (select max(sequence) from [dbo].[QUERYSINFOLDERS]) where name = 'QUERYSINFOLDERS' 
    3. Once the above script completes execution, perform an IIS Reset on the Application server to reload the metadata.  
    4. Ask the affected Technician/s to verify by logging out and logging back in if the Public Views are now showing as expected. (Clearing of Browser cache might be required in some cases). 


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