ITSM 20.02 - Task that are "Assigned to Me" are not showing up in the "Assigned to Selected Groups"

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    Use Case 1 :
    If the user is the member of more than one support group,they are unable to find their assigned task in the overview console if they select the option "Assigned to Selected Groups".
    They are not showing up in the console. 

    Use Case 2:
    When an Assignee using drop-down menu fields, the system throws the following error:
    The Support Group "SupportGroup X" is not configured for assignment to Company "CompanyX" on TMS:Task form. Please contact your Administrator. (ARERR 51001)


    ActiveLink : TMS:TAS:SetAssigneeID_MenuSelection changed the qualification in 20.02 - Defect ID SW00567164


    Qualification changed for active link: TMS:TAS:SetAssigneeID_MenuSelection

    The above active link changed in version 20.02, there is a set field action to set the Assignee, Assignee Group ID and Assignee Group name in the TMS:Task form based on the qualification from the CTM:Support Group Association form.

    In the new version, the part ('Support Group ID' = $Assignee Group ID$) is removed from the qualification from the set field action and checking the Login ID and fetching first matching request from CTM:Support Group Association form. This is fetching the wrong Support Group ID (if the same person member of more than one support group).

    This has been detected as a defect SW00567164, this is targeted for 20.08.

    As a workaround, please change the Qualification of the Second Set Field from:
    ('Person ID' = $Assignee$)

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    ('Person ID' = $Assignee$) AND ('Support Group ID' = $Assignee Group ID$)

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