BMC Helix Discovery: Is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) available for BMC Helix Discovery?

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    BMC Helix Discovery


    BMC Discovery


    BMC Helix Discovery


    Is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) available for BMC Helix Discovery?


    This is actually an RSSO question rather than a Discovery one, however the doc at says:

    Does Remedy SSO support multi-factor authentication?

    Multi-factor authentication is not implemented on the Remedy SSO side. Remedy SSO only supports scenarios where the Identity Provider that is configured in Remedy SSO for authentication has configured multi-factor authentication.
    For example, if your application is integrated with the Remedy SSO server that is configured to use the SAML protocol to authenticate users accessing an application, then for the end users to pass the authentication flow, multi-factor authentication must be enabled and configured on the SAML Identity Provider.

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