URL Console or Jumppage for AR System, DWP, DWP Catalog and SmartIT

Version 7
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    here´s one of my favourite personal tools. As a consultant for BMC products I have to switch between multiple projects and it´s always a hard start collecting all the relevant URLs.

    So I´ve written my own URL Console / JumpPage generator. It is just a bunch of AL, some Filters, easy to understand and can be deployed on any ARS System. It helps all people involved in customizing and maintaining ARS, Midtier, DWP, DWP Catalog, SmartIT. Also other urls can be added.

    It just generates HTML code which you can add to a simple start page, but it helped me a lot, because due to the amount of URLs of the numerous BMC products it´s really hard to remember all the necessary locations, and the number of URLs is increasing with every new product or feature.

    And if you are thinking of environments for prod, test, dev, ... it is even getting worse.


    I have setup the ARS application to display the URL´s for the famous, well known, Calbro Services, so it should be easy for every AR Developer to adapt / configure his environment (workflow is really stupid simple).

    Please import as APPLICATION, because otherwise tht data is missing .


    Short description how it works:


    RecreateRecreates the HTML Code, displays the result in the view field and copies the source to the field Body on the top.
    Manage HostsFirst part of the url, defines the protocol for the environment, browser, the webserver, port
    Manage ServersProvide the Server here (midtier adds the sever to the path, if needed), provides the string for the dummy value >SERVER> in the path
    Manage PathsStandard paths of ARS, DWP, ... There are multiple, please add your favourite paths and be so kind to share them
    Core ConfigCore Configuration of the Menus, etc. Check teh Menu definitions, then you will understand. It´s very simple.


    Now the missing forms are also included (they were hijacked by another application).