Is it possible to record a Web Browser-Driven (AJAX) script using Chrome web browser in Borland Silk Performer?

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    When recording a new Web Browser-Driven (AJAX) script in Silk Performer, is it possible to record it using a Chrome web browser?



    Chrome web browser is not supported when recording an AJAX script in Silk Performer



    With Silk Performer version 20.0 and earlier, it is not possible to record a Web Browser-Driven (AJAX) script using Chrome.  The only web browser that can record AJAX scripts is Internet Explorer.

    Below are links to MicroFocus's documentation and a video stating that Web Browser-Driven (AJAX) scripts have to be recorded with Internet Explorer:
    "Silk Performer uses Internet Explorer to record browser-driven scripts."
    " With the browser-driven load testing support, Silk Performer strives to offer the same functionality and behavior across all supported browsers. This makes it possible to record your scripts in the Internet Explorer-based Browser Application and replay them with Firefox and Chrome."
    MicroFocus video explaining how to create an AJAX script using Internet Explorer

    If the following error is returned on playback of a script in Chrome:
    BrowserStart(BrowserEngine: 38 - Unsupported browser version, The used browser version is not officially supported. The latest supported version is xx.)

    Please refer to Knowledge Article (KA) 000370466


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