Integration issues between Remedy and Digital Workplace Catalog caused by remoteaction file

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    BMC Digital Workplace Advanced


    BMC Digital Workplace Basic


    All DWP Catalog versions



    There are many issues which could be caused by the configuration mistakes related to remoteaction.bat (windows) or (linux).
    Below are few such use cases:


    1.  DWP Catalog service request is approved by the Manager, however after Approval DWP Catalog request is stuck in waiting approval.

    2. Public comments added from WO or Incident ,do not reflect in DWP Request for DWP Catalog Services.

    3 . All Service Requested submitted from SRD Imported into DWPC (Service Broker) stay in Submitted status.
    We also see the "Request Status Progress Bar" in DWP Requests going out of sync with ITSM or SmartIT.


    4. Records are stuck in SB:ServiceRequestStub form in "Waiting to be Sent" or "Failed to Send" status.



    Integration from ITSM to DWP Catalog is broken


    In all such cases we need to validate the configuration as per the below document in ITSM.

    This configuration is responsible for the callback to the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog server from the AR System server.

    1. Validate the configuration on the "SB:LocalApprovalConfiguration" and "SB:RemoteApprovalConfiguration" .

    a) Make sure the HTTPS checkbox is selected if SSL is configured in DWP Catalog and Port information is also correct on SB:RemoteApprovalConfiguration.

    b) In SB:LocalApprovalConfiguration, ITSM port can be validated from "Server TCP/IP Port"  available at AR System Administration Console/ System/General/Server Information/ Port and Queues Tab.

    c) For both the ITSM and DWPC environments, use the Load Balancer name in the forms SB:LocalApprovalConfiguration and SB:RemoteApprovalConfiguration

    2. If this configuration is correct then open the SB:TestRemoteAction and click on Test button.
    Test Result should be as : <SUCCESS: Configuration settings resulted in successful test>

    3. Validate in all ITSM servers that remoteaction.bat ( file is present at the path mentioned in "External process full path" field on SB:LocalApprovalConfiguration form.

    4. Run the remoteaction.bat or file manually.
    It should not give any error.
    If there is a Java error then edit the remoteaction.bat file and correct the Java path in it.

    5. In case the issue persist then please raise a case with BMC support with remoteaction log available at <installation directory>BMC Sof\tware\ARSystem\remoteaction\log .
    Also attach the api/filter/sql ogs captured while reproducing the issue.


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