PATROL Agent : Is the IBM Virtual I/O Server VIOS supported with PATROL Agent

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    PATROL Agent


    PATROL Agent


    All versions for PATROL Agent


    IBM has machines with VIOS (Virtual I/O Server)
    (more info

    Does PATROL Agent support a VIOS server?



    Yes the support of PATROL Agent is validated on VIOS.


    Patrol for Unix and Linux has been validated since the version 9.5.10


    The Patrol parameters have same meaning as an AIX-5.3 or AIX 6.1 LPARs.


    In case the VIOS doesn't have root user there is a procedure of installation explained on the Patrol for Unix


    see release of Patrol for Unix and Linux 9.5.10


    See page 23


    PATROL for AIX 1.1 can also be used. 
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