Remedy REST API examples

Version 3
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    Client used for REST API test with ARS : SOAP , Postman,...


    Postman - download it from Postman | The Collaboration Platform for API Development

    Create /update /delete records in AR Remedy using rest process :

    • do Login - create authentication token using post method and login url http://<ar-server>:8008/api/jwt/login
    • perform operations on records
    • do logout  : http://http://<ar-server>:8008/api/jwt/logout



    1] Authenticate



    creation of recorsd in ITSM :


    • HPD:IncidentInterface_Create - to create or submit new incident
    • HPD:IncidentInterface - to perform SEARCH,READ,UPDATE/MODIFY on existing incident
    • CHG:ChangeInterface - to create change request
    • CHG:ChangeInterface_Create - update and modify change request
    • CHG:WorkLog - for work Info/log
    • HPD:WorkLog - for Incident work log


    1] Create incident using REST API :Example of using the REST API to create an incident entry - Documentation for Remedy IT Service Management Suite 20.02 -…

    http://<ar-server>:8008/api/arsys/v1/entry/HPD:IncidentInterface_Create?fields=values(Incident Number)

    Create Incident using rest (without assignment of case while create)









            "Company":"Calbro Services",

            "Assigned Group":"Service Desk",


            "Reported Source":"Direct Input",



            "Service_Type":"User Service Restoration"





    Creation of a problem using the Rest API

    Submit problem ticket but will not return ==> http://<arserver_name>:8008/api/arsys/v1/entry/PBM:ProblemInterface_Create

    To get the PBI number in same call ==> http://<arserver_name>:8008/api/arsys/v1/entry/PBM:ProblemInterface_Create?fields=values(Problem Investigation ID)

    In Authorization pass the value AR-JWT {{AUTHCODE}} , where AUTHCODE is variable defined.



    e.g:In Body section pass below values :

    "values": {"Status" : "Draft",

    "Investigation Driver": "High Impact Incident",

    "Last Name":"Allbrook",

    "First Name":"Allen",

    "Assigned Group Pblm Mgr":"Backoffice Support",

    "Investigation Justification":"",

    "Company":"Calbro Services",

    "Description":"REST API Test problem creation",









    Created ticket and assign it to specific group via rest






    "Description": "REST API: Incident Creation",



    "Company":"Calbro Services",

    "Assigned Group":"Backoffice Support",

    "Assigned Group ID" : "SGP000000000009",

    "Assigned Support Organization": "IT Support",

    "Assigned Support Company":"Calbro Services",


    "Reported Source":"Direct Input",



    "Assignee":"Mary Mann",

    "Service_Type":"User Service Restoration",





    For Problem Investigation -->"z1D_Action":"PROBLEM"

    For Solution Database --> “z1D_Action” :"SOLUTION"

    For Known Error--> “z1D_Action” : "KNOWNERROR"


    Create a Task related to an Incident using REST API

    "values": {


    "ParentID": "AG00123F73CF5Eqc4TSQvOExAgYUQB", "Parent Type": "Root Request",

    "TaskName": "Test Task inc success",

    "Summary": "Task Inc",

    "TaskType": "Manual",

    "Status": "Pending",

    "Location Company": "Calbro Services",

    "RootRequestName": "INC_CAL_1000015",

    "RootRequestID": "INC_CAL_1000015",

    "RootRequestInstanceID": "AG00123F73CF5Eqc4TSQvOExAgYUQB",

    "RootRequestMode": "0",

    "Company": "Calbro Services",

    "First Name": "Ian",

    "Last Name": "Plyment",

    "Customer Company": "Calbro Services",

    "Customer First Name": "Mary",

    "Customer Last Name": "Mann",

    "RootRequestFormName": "HPD:Help Desk",

    "Sequence": 9,

    "Assignee Organization": "IT Support",

    "Assignee Group ID": "SGP000000000010",

    "Assignee Id": "PPL000000000018"




    2] Get data from remedy :


    Use qualification under parameter q, if you use Q instead to q will return all data

    A. Get incident :

    http://arserver:8008/api/arsys/v1/entry/HPD:Help Desk?q='Status'!="Assigned" AND 'Company'="Calbro Services"&


    B. Get asset data :e.g :http://<ARSERVER:8008/api/arsys/v1/entry/AST:ComputerSystem?q='Serial%20Number'="CND821120H" AND 'Data%20Set%20Id'="BMC.ASSET"&offset=0&limit=10


    Create qualification in one parameter

    q ='Serial Number'="CND821120H" AND 'Data Set Id'="BMC.ASSET"




    C. To retrieve the Work Info Logs associated for an Incident number



    3]Modify incident :

    Set the Request URL as http://<server_name>:<port>/api/arsys/v1/entry/HPD:IncidentInterface/
    (Request_ID of an incident on the HPD:IncidentInterface)


    {"Description" : "Rest API: Resolve Incident using Rest API",

    "Status" : "Resolved",

    "Status_Reason" : "Future Enhancement",

    "Resolution" : "Resolve through Rest API"