TrueSight Server Automation (TSSA): Windows patch analysis report certain patch as installed but it is not found on the target. Why is this? - INCLUDES VIDEO

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    BladeLogic Server Automation


    BSA 8.9.X and all other versions


    Windows patch analysis job reported a patch as installed but it is not found on the target. Why is this?

    For example, a patch (KB3109094) was reported as installed on a windows server 2012 target by patch analysis job but the patch was not found on the server.


    Patch may be effectively installed


    If the windows patch analysis result are under doubt, the best approach would be to run DPDTrace on the problem target to get detailed trace.

    Please download and use DPDTrace GUI tool from the following link:

    - select "9.1.1037" in 'OEM Version'
    - you would need to manually place 'hf7b.xml' & '' in 'DataFiles' folder as suggested in the above link

    The DPDTrace result (xml file or hfcli log) may show the patch to be effectively installed as below.

    <Item Class="Patch" BulletinID="MS15-135" SQNumber="Q3109094" Superseded="false" PatchName="Windows8.1-2012-R2-KB3109094-x64.msu" Applicable="false" Status="Effectively Installed" Reason="Patch does not apply under the current configuration but may apply if some option is turned on."/>...

    In order to confirm if the patch is effectively installed or not, try manually install the patch on the problem server.

    If effectively installed, it would show "The update is not applicable.." message as below:

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