TrueSight Server Automation (TSSA) - 1618 Another installation is already in progress.  Complete that installation before proceeding with this install

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    TrueSight Server Automation Suite


    TrueSight Server Automation


    TSSA 8.x



    During a Windows Patch Remediation Job the following error is seen in the bldeploy logs :



    06/13/20 09:21:44.621 DEBUG    bldeploy - [4][windows10.0-2016-kb4562561-x64-1607.msu-MS20-06-SSU-4562561-en-WINDOWS SERVER 2016 STANDARD-1607] Found failure indication in patch-level deployment status file. 06/13/20 09:21:44.621 DEBUG    bldeploy - [4][windows10.0-2016-kb4562561-x64-1607.msu-MS20-06-SSU-4562561-en-WINDOWS SERVER 2016 STANDARD-1607] Found ReturnCode token with value '1618'
      The same error can also be seen in the bldeploy logs while deploying a .msi installer 



    Another instance of msiexec may be running on the server



    Please check below:

      1. There may be a stuck msiexec process on the target which needs to be killed, open task manager, identify process id and terminate it 
      2. If a batch jobs with multiple deploy jobs is running in parallel then there can be multiple instance of msiexec running on system simultaneously. Please run the batch job sequentially to avoid these situtations.  
    3. A previous installation has completed, but required server to be rebooted to update registry keys, reboot the server and try again.  
    Here's the Ivanti knowledge article on same:  
      Deployment fails with Error 1618: Another Installation is already in progress 


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