Remedy - AR System Server - How to bind SSL Certificates for the AR System Server using the AR TCP port?

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    How to bind SSL Certificates for the AR System Server using the AR TCP port?


    The SSL is used to externally secure the communications from clients for outgoing communications.
    For AR Server side internal communications - incoming activity from any client - the SSL does not apply and the communication needs to be encrypted when using the AR API and the AR TCP port.

    The options available are:
    - Standard (this can be enabled out of the box).
    - Performance and Premium (more complex and need to be purchased).

    For more information:

    Additional information on how to set the SSL option
    Configuring SSL for the email engine

    Configuring the Mid Tier web server for SSL certificate

    Configuring to consume over SSL or with client certificates

    Configuring the REST API by using SSL certificates

    If a vendor form is being used to retrieve data from an Active Directory/LDAP server for example:
    (Section) To configure the ARDBC LDAP plug-in

    If using AREA LDAP to authenticate users:
    Configuring the AREA LDAP plug-in

    Remedy AR Server:- How to create keystore and import certificate for SSL/TLS

    Remedy - Server - How to import certificate for SSL/TLS

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