Helix BWF: Service Request are not getting created in DWP when raising a case in Helix BWF

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    BMC Helix Business Workflows - Active User


    Automatic creation of service requests for cases created in BMC Helix Business Workflows requires BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced version 19.11.


    Service Request are not getting created in DWP automatically when raising a case in Helix BWF


    Missing configuration


    Step 1. Check CREATE_SERVICE REQUEST FLAG is set to true in the configuration.


    Step 2. 

    1.Go to Innovation Studio
    2. Click on Administration
    3. In left search for DWP
    4. Click on DWP catalog
    5. In DWP catalog window, you will see 2 sections. UI and backend.
    6. In backend section, User name should have catalog admin user (user@domain.com and password)

    Step 3. Steps on IS-BWF side:

    Note: Please contact BMC Support to verify the below configuration.

    1. Login to IS using SAAS admin credentials:
    2. Navigate to the following record - /com.bmc.arsys.rx.innovationstudio/index.html#/app/bundle/com.bmc.arsys.rx.approval/record-data-editor/AR%20System%20Tenant
    3. Open your target tenant record
    4. Set Catalog hostname in the 'Digital Workplace Service Catalog Gateway URL' field. Example:
    http://<Server Name>.bmc.com:8008

    Step 4. Steps on DWP-Catalog side:

    Note: Please contact BMC Support to verify the below configuration.

    1. Open IS of the Catalog server, go to Workspace -> myit-sb -> SubCatalog -> Edit Data (/com.bmc.arsys.rx.innovationstudio/index.html#/app/bundle/myit-sb/record-data-editor/myit-sb:SubCatalog)
    2. Open Sub-Catalog created in step 1, check that your fields have correct values.

    1. Field: 'Name'
        Value : Business Workflows Sub Catalog
    2. Field: 'ActivityTypeLabel'
        Value : Case
    3. Field: 'ActivityTemplateLabel'
        Value - Case Template
    4. Field: 'ExternalSubCatalogId'
    5. Field: 'ConnectionId'
        Value : Find your Innovation Suite connector ID on this endpoint ':8008/api/myit-sb/connections'

    Step 5. Troubleshooting part

    Create a new case in BWF and then follow steps.

    1. Login to Innovation Studio
    2. Select Application-> Catalog Interface Service-> processes
    3. Click on Manage Processes -> Select "Create Service Request from Ticket and click on "Process Chart"
    4. If you see a request that is been created by you then open it.
    5. Click on "Submit Service Request" and check in right side if you see any error in "Activity Result". 
        If yes  then enable the Process logs and DWP Bundle logs in debug mode and reproduced the issue.

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