Atrium CMDB - How to View Atrium Impact Simulator on New CMDB console (Configuration Manager Dashboard)

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    BMC Atrium Core - CMDB


    BMC Atrium Core - CMDB


    Atrium CMDB 19.08 and 20.02



    How to View Atrium Impact Simulator on New CMDB console (Configuration Manager Dashboard) as displayed in below image

    Old Impact Simulator

    Note: In old CMDB console, Impact Simulation was listed under Applications>> Impact Simulator.
    In an announcement it is communicated that there is a replacement of Adobe Flash capabilities in ITSM Remedy.

    Adobe announced the end of development and distribution of Adobe Flash Player by the end of the year 2020 , BMC  plan to deprecate the following remaining capabilities where Flash is still used in the Remedy Suite:   
    • Service Request Management (SRM) Process Designer and Visualizer
    • Approval Process Visualizer
    • Atrium Explorer integrations in Remedy Mid Tier (IT Service Management UI)
    • Various CMDB UI capabilities, such as Dynamic Service Modeling, CMDB Audit, and Federated Class Management

    To view the impact results of an unavailable CI, you can run a impact simulation in the BMC CMDB Explorer.

    Steps to view the Impact Simulator.
    1. On the BMC CMDB Dashboard, Click on CI, search for a CI for which you want to perform a quick impact simulation.
    3. Select the CI and open it in CMDB Explorer.
    5. On the CMDB Explorer, right-click the CI and select Simulate Impact.
    7. The Explorer will display the impact of service model if the CI is unavailable.
    Screen shot attached as reference.
    Impact Simulator

    Note: For versions like 20.02 and higher the recommendation is to use New UI of CMDB


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