Control-D - Introduce security by report name for IOA ONLINE

Version 3
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    version 9



    This enhancement introduces an additional possibility for OA Online environment to control the reports appearing in the report list based on the report name. This control will be performed in addition to those which exist in Control-D already. Security by report name works only under Control-D extended security mode. A new parameter REPNCHK=Y in the CTDSE04 section of SECPARM member of IOA PARM library should be used to switch on security by a report name. To give permissions for end users to see reports in the report list,following entities should be defined in the SAF (System Access Facility): - name. Maximum length of the report name is 50 characters. Such entities should be defined under class that accept entities which are 68 char long. The name of this class should by specified in the IOAXCLAS parameter of IOASECP section in SECPARM. - RPNASR entities must be defined in SAF in uppercase. IOAX037 exit is used to convert these entities to uppercase. By default IOAX037 contains tables for English language. If a report name contains blanks they must be replaced in entities with character underscore "_". The customer can efine another character to replace blanks using parameter REPSPACE of the CTDSE04 section of SECPARM member of IOA PARM library: REPSPACE=# (for example). 





    Apply PTF PG04828 (BMC APAR WD10127). 
    This PTF is part of maintenance
    CAR00050170 addresses this APAR/CCID.

    Actions required after applying the PTF:

    After APPLYing the PTF, rerun the job(s) that build(s) the IOA security interface(s) installed in the environment (one or more of RACF, TSS, and ACF2): 1. Invoke ICE 2. On the ICE Main screen, select "Customization" 3. On the Environment selection screen, select the environment 4. On the "Customization" screen specify product "IOA", and select "Security Customization" 5. On the Major Step selection panel select "Implement IOA Security" 6. On the Minor Step selection panel select each of the following steps that are relevant to   your environment, submit the jobs, and verify their successful completion: - Build IOA RACF Interface - Build IOA TopSecret Interface - Build IOA ACF2 Interface 7. Exit ICE .................................................. Stop then restart the IOAOMON/CTDOMON monitors. .................................................. 


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