Mainview Middleware Monitor - Database Rollup script fails with unique constraint violation when upgrading to MVMM9.0

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    During Mainview Middleware Monitor v9.0 upgrade, applying the sql rollup script for upgrading database schema fails with unique constraint violation error.

    The behavior is seen when prior to upgrading to MVMM v9.0.00, if you have installed one of the following Policy and Event Packs, which contains history templates, those history templates already exist in your database:


    In MVMM 9.0.00 those history templates are moved from the Policy and Event Packs to the main product database scripts used to initialize or upgrade the database content.


    The current MVMM 9.0 database rollup scripts fails to consider that the history templates for these Policy and Event Packs might already exist in the database.


    The solution to this problem depends on either of the following 2 scenarios.

    1. If you have already executed the installer and migration script (rollup script) identified during the installation and received errors, you should apply the script included with this Knowledge Article and then re-apply the migration script using your SQL utility’s options to ignore errors. For example when using db2 you would use -tvf. You may then proceed with the upgrade steps.

    Example: db2 -o -tvf <rollup_script>.sql -l <rollup_script>.log
    2. If you have not already executed the migration script (rollup script) identified during the installation, you should first apply the script included with this Knowledge Article, then proceed with applying the migration script and rest of the upgrade steps. 

    There are 3 individual scripts attached to this knowledge article for DB2, Oracle and MSSQL. Please use the relevant script based on your BMM Database type. 


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