Azure servers and Server tab not showing in CCC for TrueSight Capacity Optimization

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    TrueSight Cloud Cost Control


    Capacity Optimization


    TSCO,TSPS and TSCCC 11.x, 20.02


    Azure servers not showing in Business Service and Server tab on Truesight Cloud Cost Control on TSPS



    Azure needs more time to collect the data, it should be up to 5 days to see some data. However AWS is showing data because retrieving data from AWS is more immediate to collect it from the AWS bill.

    So, for the current month not able to see data for Azure because need to wait till the data is collected. Instead for the business service page Azure business service are not able to see for the month until the data is collected.

    • AWS and Azure behaves bit different for providing  billing data especially initial days of the month.
    • AWS provides daily data but rectifies data by applying discounts for last month billing in first few days (seen until the 5th of Month) , whereas Azure doesn’t provide data for 2 days or so.
        Consume Azure bill, 2-3 days backward, to get proper billing. TSCCC will not see data for Azure on first few days of the month.

    Also, make sure that both Azure ETLs (API Extractor and Cost & Usage Extractor)   share same Entity Catalog. This allows that entities could be discovered and placed on the View appropriately. 

    Additional details from Azure support regarding usage data:  
      “The Usage details or data for an Enterprise Subscription will always be available after 48-Hours and it is by design.” 


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