BMC Release Process Management - Why my BRPM server.log does not show the user ID/details of the UI user in log lines

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    BMC Release Process Management


    Release Process Management


    BMC Release Process Management (BRPM 5.0SP3 Patch2 onwards)


    BMC Release Process Management - Why my BRPM server.log does not show the user ID/details of the UI user in log lines


    From BRPM 5.0SP3 Patch2 onwards we added a new feature were the UI user actions are logged in the server.log with the corresponding user ID details. It is easier for auditing and tracking actions.
    If you have installed BRPM 5.0SP3 Patch2 or higher version then this feature is available by default but if you have copied over the production.rb file from an older version of BRPM because of the custom changes made in the files, then this new feature will not be implemented. There are few additional lines on this file which enables this featue.

    File location : <BRPM_INSTALL_HOME>/releases/<latest_version>/RPM/config/environments

    For custom changes it is always recommended to use the file that is shipped with the installer and make edits as per your environments:
    Some sample custom changes that are mostly done in the production.rb is:

    Sample log lines showing the logged in User ID in the server.log file:
    User called "admin" tried to log in and the Dashboard page is served:

      15:47:14,631 INFO  [RPM] (http-/ [user-admin] Started GET "/brpm/" for at 2020-06-08 15:47:14 -0500
    15:47:14,634 INFO  [RPM] (http-/ [user-admin] Processing by DashboardController#self_services as HTML
    15:47:14,679 INFO  [RPM] (http-/ [user-admin]   Rendered users/_online_users.html.erb (1.0ms)
    15:47:14,682 INFO  [RPM] (http-/ [user-admin]   Rendered dashboard/self_services/_tabs.html.erb (1.0ms)
    User called "kunal" logged in and the requets page is served  
      15:48:15,431 INFO  [RPM] (http-/ [user-kunal] Started GET "/brpm/request_dashboard" for at 2020-06-08 15:48:15 -0500
    15:48:15,434 INFO  [RPM] (http-/ [user-kunal] Processing by DashboardController#request_dashboard as HTML
    15:48:15,434 INFO  [RPM] (http-/ [user-kunal]   Parameters: {"show_all"=>"1"}
    15:48:16,282 INFO  [RPM] (http-/ [user-kunal]   Rendered shared/_process_map.html.erb (4.0ms)
    Please reach out to BMC Support in case you need a copy of production.rb for your BRPM version. 


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