DWP Catalog 1811 Upgrade issue with Migration

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    MyIT Suite - per Enterprise


    DWP 18.11



    Upgraded from DWP 1805 to DWP 1811. 
    a) MyIT Upgrade was successful. 
    b) ITSM Patch Upgrade was also successful. 
    c) DWP Catalog/Service Broker upgrade was also successful. 
    However when opened DWP Catalog over browser, it displays error as "Digital Workplace is currently unavailable due to pending migrations." 

    Whenever restarting DWP Catalog server, it is also successful but a message is shown , Run Migration -- Interrupted by error.




    Below is the resolution:

    Run this query on the SYSTEM database: 

    SELECT * FROM myit_sb_SchemaMigration where name like 'M20180619_01_AddVMSubCatalogMappingRecordDefinition' 

    It will likely return multiple records (since the migration has been run multiple times) 

    Then pick the request_id one of the records and run this query: 
    update myit_sb_SchemaMigration set MigrationStatus=1 where request_id = <Request ID of record> 

    Delete the container and recreate it.
    Please refer below steps to recreate container
    - Login to the Digital workplace catalog AR server using root user.
    - Go to /opt/bmc/digitalworkplace/sb and execute below command
    - java -jar /opt/bmc/digitalworkplace/sb/create_container/CreateContainer-19.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar -s localhost -t 9988 -u Demo (dwpc admin user) -p password -jp 8008 -ar "/opt/bmc/digitalworkplace"
    - Restart the DWPC server.


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