Patrol Agent - Filter Data via Pconfig

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    PATROL Agent


    PATROL Agent


    Patrol Agent 9.6 and other versions.


    How to filter data and just create events without using policy, only using pconfig variables.
    This example is for Windows services monitoring, if you want to do it for different kind of monitoring go to an in-house TSPS console and create a policy to monitor the required and then add the filter in the policy and check in the pconfig file which variables get added and those variables are the ones the customer will need to add in the pconfig file to have the filter.


    These are the variables to add for this specific example where customer is monitoring Windows services, thats why the "NT_SERVICES":

    "/ConfigData/KMDEF/NT_SERVICES/__ANYINST__/__ANYPARAM__/filter/exclude" = { REPLACE = "DATA" },
    "/ConfigData/KMDEF/NT_SERVICES/__ANYINST__/__ANYPARAM__/filter/include" = { REPLACE = "EVENT" },
    "/ConfigData/KMDEF/NT_SERVICES/__ANYINST__/filter/include" = { REPLACE = "EVENT" },
    "/ConfigData/KMDEF/NT_SERVICES/filter/include" = { REPLACE = "EVENT" }, 

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