Atrium CMDB Reconciliation Identification and Merge Activities have invalid total number of records and job run metrics never display 100% completion

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    BMC Atrium Core - CMDB


    BMC Atrium Core


    Atrium CMDB 9.1, 9.1.01, 9.1.02, and 9.1.03


    After a Reconciliation job has completed, the following metrics can be seen in the Atrium Core Console job run results:

    Incomplete Graph Screenshot

    When placing the mouse over either of the metric bars to see the details, it shows an inaccurate total number of records, such as the following example:

    Invalid Total Number of Records


    Product defect. Total number of records is counting all CIs in every dataset rather than the total number of records in the dataset for the Recon job.


    This issue was found and resolved in Engineering starting with the release of 9.1.04.  Upgrading to 9.1.04 or higher will resolve the issue. 

    Further, this problem is only found in the older Atrium Core Console.  The error is not seen for any jobs created and running in the new CMDB UI Console.

    If an upgrade cannot be done yet, the following steps may be used to minimize the Recon problem in one of the earlier 9.1.x releases:

    1.)  Run cmdbdiag and choose to verify and correct any reported problems.  The documentation is located here:
    In the above use-case, there were tens of thousands of CIs in defunct datasets that had been reported as orphaned CIs.  If these are deleted, the total number of records would be reduced and may give a more accurate result. 
    2.)  Check the Recon job logs for errors and look to resolve all of the identification and merge activity errors. 
      In the above use-case, there were thousands of Recon errors in the Recon job log pertaining to an issue with the BMC Discovery dataset. In past experience, cleaning these errors found in the Recon job log may restore a standard metric bar graph as well as the correct total number of records in subsequent job runs. 


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