PATROL Agent terminates. Error in logs says: E: Exiting due to error of type EALLOC

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    BMC Performance Manager for Servers


    PATROL Agent All versions



    PATROL  Agent(PA) dies with "severe memory condition". Error message:
    Thu Nov 01 13:37:23 2007: PatrolAgent-E-EALLOC: strdup: strdup() returned NULL s
    Thu Nov 01 13:37:23 2007: PatrolAgent-F-EALLOC: strdup: EXITING due to severe me
    mory condition strdup() returned NULL size=101368
    Thu Nov 01 13:37:23 2007: ID 102061: E: Exiting due to error of type EALLOC
    Thu Nov 01 13:37:23 2007: ID 102062: I: PatrolAgent terminating





    The main reason for the EALLOC error of the PA would be the following reasons:

      (i)If the PA is not able to get the memory size it is requires to load a lot of KM's. 
      (ii)If the PA is not able to allocate the memory for any one of the components of it own. 
      The following are the solutions for the EALLOC error in the PA: 
      1.Change the ulimit -s 64 
      2.Change Ulimit -d 128 
      3.Kill the PA .Rename the history file which resides under $PATROL_HOME/log and restart the PA. 

    Check this has fixed the problem.


    4.If not ,start the PA in a different port and just load the .Check if the EALLOC error is still observed in the PA logs.



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