When using OBO within SRM, some error messages are not localized

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    BMC Service Request Management


    BMC Service Request Management


    SRM - All versions


    When using OBO within SRM, if there is an error due to any of the following conditions:

    - Invalid user entered for OBO
    - Duplicate user names exist for the OBO user

    The messages displayed are not localized and only display in English regardless of the user's locale/preference settings.


    Defect - SW00565952


    The above mentioned Defect will be addressed in a future release of SRM.

    If it's necessary to localize the specific message, please do the following:

    1) Enable Active Link logging, reproduce the issue, and make a note of the AL displaying the error message. Copy the name of the AL off to a Notepad

    2) Open the form 'AR System Message Catalog', and create a new record (use the screenshot as an example). Enter the AL name from Step 1 in the 'Message Identifier' field, and change the 'Message Text' to the desired translated text. Save the record

    3) Restart the AR Server, and do a hard Mid-Tier cache flush.

    4) Clear browser cache, and test the scenario again.

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