MainView for DB2:  TLDS archive job failed with error message DZT0264C after MainView for DB2 12.1 upgraded

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    MainView for DB2


    MainView for DB2


    MainView for DB2


    What caused error message 'DZT0264C - HALTING!  UTILITY = 12100; TLDS = B200' when archiving the MainView for DB2 trace dataset (TLDS)?


    DZT0264C - HALTING!  UTILITY = 12100; TLDS = B200
    Explanation:  The message is issued when using MainView for DB2 12.1.00 DZTBVUNL utility with a trace dataset contains both MainView for DB2 11.2.00 and 12.1.00 trace records.  

    User Response:  MainView for DB2 12.1.00 DZTBVUNL utility can not process the trace datasets (TLDS) and the trace directory dataset that contain trace records created with multiple MainView for DB2 releases.  The trace datasets (TLDS) and trace directory dataset must start fresh for each MainView for DB2 release upgrade.  HLQ.BBSAMP(JXT001) can be used to define and initialize the trace directory.  HLQ.BBSAMP(JXT011) can be used to define and initialize the trace datasets (TLDS).

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