Client Management - Generating new rollout package fails with error 'call of action RolloutAssign (Assignment 'Update' of 'Rollout' with name 'Rollout Name') with id 1 discarded: local call failed'

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    The rollout is stuck in Update Sent status and not generating a new rollout package.
    Logs from the rollout server show below errors.

    2020/04/02 00:23:35 AsynchronousActions              ERR [3676] local call of action RolloutAssign (Assignment 'Update' of 'Rollout' with name '<RolloutName') with id 1 failed
    2020/04/02 00:23:35 AsynchronousActions              ERR [3676] call of action RolloutAssign (Assignment 'Update' of 'Rollout' with name 'RolloutName') with id 1 discarded: local call failed


    The rollout module is not loaded on the rollout server


    Please load the Rollout module on the rollout server and generate a new rollout package.

    Steps to load the rollout module

    • Locate the device which is your rollout server under Device Topology or using global search option
    • Expand device >> Agent Configuration >> Module Configuration >> Configuration tab
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    • Right click anywhere under configuration and click on 'Load Modules' or use Load Modules icon from the toolbar.
    • The 'Rollout' module should be listed in the available list of modules
    • Select it and click OK
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    • Go to rollouts >> Expand Servers >> Expand the rollout Server >> Select the Rollout which is stuck in 'Update Sent' status
    • Right click on the status and click 'Generate Rollout Package'
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    • Wait for the package to be re-generated
    • The status will change from Update Sent to Available in this sequence (Package Requested >> Verified >> Available).
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