Remedy Smart Reporting What are the Configuration Changes Required Post Repository Database Migration from One Environment to Other

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    What are the Configuration Changes Required when Smart Reporting Repository Database is copied from one to environment to other?


    Most of the Smart Reporting Configuration details are stored in its Repository Database. Below are the places where configuration changes are required post database refresh on the Smart Reporting UI and AR System forms:

    1. Onboarded company name should be the same in all the environments. If not, correct it by logging into siadmin console>Administration>Client Organizations

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    2. The Clientorg name in step1 should match with 'Reporting Server OrgName' on SmartReportingServer_Info form.

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    3. SmartReportingConfig table has onboarded AR server hostname/port number. Update the AR Hostname in the table post DB migration using below KB:

    4. The data source information is also stored in Smart Reporting database.  Change the AR server host name in the data source connection details under Administration>AdminConsole>ARSystem Data Source.

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    - If Hyperlinks or Share reports are used, then it is required to update the custom parameters configuration:


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