Discovery: The rules added in a SAAM model definition disappear after publishing. Is this normal? Where are the rules?

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    BMC Discovery


    BMC Discovery 11.3


    BMC Discovery


    When editing a SAAM model definition, and doing right click -> "Do not follow any connection" on an SI, the rule is added in "Removed nodes" > "Removal rules" (left panel).

    After publishing, this rule is removed from the removal tab of the model definition.

    Where are the rules?


    To retrieve the rules, go to:
    - Manage > Model Rules. This will display all the rules about all the nodes.
    - the visualization of the SI affected by the rule. 

    The rules that are added to a node in a SAAM model definition are temporarily displayed in the model definition at the time the model is edited. 

    Rules are not associated with Hosts or any other node kind.


    Rules are applied at the time the system is traversing across the data. When viewing a normal visualization, regardless of the starting node kind, that traversing is happening as the visualization is constructed, meaning that the system knows which rules apply to the visualization.


    A visualization of a model definition or BAI made from a model definition is different. In this case, all the nodes in the model are already known (stored as relationships to the ModelDefinition node), so there is no traversal across the graph, and no evaluation of the rules. The rules have already been evaluated, when the model was first built, and then incrementally as the system has maintained the model over time. This means the system does not know which rules have been applied to the model. RFE DRUD1-19649 has been submitted to allow the rules to be displayed in the visualization.


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