TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO) Nutanix - Prism API Extractor for AHV ETL does not have the Import Filter

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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    Capacity Optimization


    TrueSight Capacity Optimization 20.02 and later



    The 20.02 version of TSCO introduced new Out-of-the-box ETL: Nutanix Prism API Extractor for AHV. 

    Currently the VMware vCenter ETL is used for Nutanix systems as a workaround. The VMware vCenter ETLs have an useful feature, Import Filter.

    But the New Nutanix ETL don't have Import Filter option available

    Request for Enhancement-DRCOZ-27397, has been raised for this feature to be added in Out-of-the-box ETL: Nutanix Prism API Extractor for AHV.



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