How To Enable Subquery In Smart IT To Improve Overall Performance INCLUDES VIDEO

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Smart IT 19.02 and Dev Studio 19.08 and upwards


    This is an alternative method to increase performance with RLS.

    By default in Remedy uses an algorithm called "combined likes" which for each permission group in your permissions and for each field on the form in question that is a permission field it does an "OR". There is another alternative as delimited in KA  Smart IT Dashboard slowness causes unresponsive system where it is suggested to set parameter Disable-New-RLS-Implementation to when false, instead of doing "combined likes" the query uses regex aka regular expressions statements for dynamic group permissions. (RLS split). RLS Split tends to improve performance for some customers but makes poorer performance for others so a they have come up with a new algorithm. Which is the Subquery one.

    Prerequisites for this are at least:

    • AR Server must be 19.02 or later (For 19.02 specifically you will require to follow this KA: RLS Subquery Algorithm - Controlled Release 000171691)
    • Ensure AR System tablespace has enough space to increase tablespace or have it set to auto extend
    • Identify all forms that needs to be adapted for RLS functionality as well as the view.
    For example on the SHR:Union_ConfigurationConsole form you may need to convert the 'Overview Console', 'Smart IT Ticket Console' and the 'Smart IT Social' tables not only do you need to convert all of the forms listed on those 3 but you also need to convert the view itself which is. 

    SHR:Union_OverviewConsole (overview console) 
    SMT:Social_WorklogView (smart it social) 
    SMT:UnionSmartIT_TicketConsole (smart it ticket console) 



    Old combined likes algorithm can cause issues in big environments



    Open Dev Studio (19.08 or later)

    1. Open the form that needs to be modified and go to the Definitions Tab 
    3. Change the Overlay Type to Overwrite
       User-added image

            3. Change the algorithm to 'subquery' 

    User-added image

    NOTE: Migration time will depend on volume of records in table  

    A)    Monitor "RLS Migration Pending" form for data movement to S table. Once the form is empty then the migration is complete 

    User-added image

    Do not update this form manually- it is used to resume migration if server is stopped 

    Also you will see entries in arerror.log as each form completes 

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    Result of RLS Migration after complete 
    Additional S tables will be created for each table  

    CTM:People is  T 1383  
    RLS conversion table is S1383 

    select schemaid, name from arschema where name = 'CTM:People'  

    User-added image

    select count(*) from T1383 
    select count(*) from S1383 

    Migration Troubleshooting  
    Error while processing migration for form SMT:Social_FollowConfig.  Stopping migration process INFO - com.bmc.arsys.domain.etc.ARException: ERROR (552): The SQL database operation failed.; ORA-01654: unable to extend index ARADMIN.PK_S4017 by 128 in tablespace ARSYSTEM
    Extend tablespace ARSYSTEM 

    To restart Migration  
    • Go to RLS Migration Pending Table
    • Look for remaining Entries in table select
    • Click Resume Migration = Yes
    • Save
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    4.-  For UNION form after Migration rebuild Union Consoles - Open “SHR:Union_ConfigurationConsole” form and select Union form name from “Implementation Area” drop down. Click on “Build/Rebuild Database Union Structure” 
    User-added image
    5.- Pop up will display Union was rebuild succesfully 



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