Asset Management: Maintenance schedule does not create change request or delays creation

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    Remedy Asset Management Application


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    Change requests gets created at random times or sometimes does not get created after the Maintenance Scheduled date passes.


    1) Delay in execution of escalation "AST:AVI:SendNotification” OR 2) Previous maintainance schedule status is not set to completed manually by the user.


    Assign escalation "AST:AVI:SendNotification" to a pool and should create Change Requests at correct time.

    And also check below Maitainance schedule flow in Asset:

      Create a schedule of Type "Maintenance Schedule" and relate a CI to the same and it creates a record in the AST:Schedule View. Same can be verified by directly searching in the AST:Schedule View form through mid-tier.
      The escalation "AST:AVI:SendNotification" related to this form runs every day 5 AM in the morning and if the following criteria is met then it sets the value of zTmpNotifyNow = "Yes"
      Run If Qualification: $TIMESTAMP$ >= ('Next Scheduled Maintenance' - ('Notification Lead Days' * (24 * (60 * 60)))) 
    Escalation screen shot:  
      User-added image 
      When this record gets modified, all the Filters with Modify Execute option, related to this form, triggers. Filter "INT:ASTCHG:ANE:Schedule_View_CreateChangeRequest" triggers and does a push field action to the form "CHG:Template" and modify the record which match the condition 
      'InstanceId' = $TemplateInstanceID$  
      This Modify action then trigges the filter "CHG:CTP:CreateInfraChange_500_PCRQ" which ultimately creates the Change Request. 

    After completion of scheduled activities for a maintenance schedule or audit schedule, one must change the status of the schedule to Completed manually. Any user can change the status of a schedule.


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