CRA - Common Rest API - Error 404 - The requested resource is not available.

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    Common REST API, Apache Tomcat


    When attempting to run a Services query using the following curl command, an error message may be received indicating "404 - The requested resource is not available".

    curl -v -u *userID*:*password* http://*HostName*:8080/cra/ServiceGateway/Services


    When deploying the .war file, both the directory path and full filename should be referenced in the URL, it should look like the following:
    User-added image

    When deployed using just the directory path to the .war file instead, a message is still issued indicating the application was successfully deployed:
    User-added image

    When deployed successfully using the full path and .war filename, there should be a Display Name for the Application like the example below:
    User-added image

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