AMICR - How do you calculate MIPs rating of the CEC

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    BMC AMI Capacity Reporting


    BMC AMI Capacity Reporting v2.0.00 and v2.1.00


    How does AMI Capacity Reporting calculate the total MIPs available to a given CEC? 


    AMI Capacity Reporting (AMICR) comes with BMC Universal Information Exchange (UIE) component. UIE computes the CEC/ hardware MIPS capability by using a hardware table look up. UIE will lookup the MIP field, which is the MIP rating for the machine, according to Gartner group. UIE will determine from SMF/CMF/RMF data with the CPU model number of the machine. If there are no zIIPs or zAAPs found on that machine, we will use the MIP rating found for the CPU model that UIE has identified.

    If there are specialty processor in place. UIE will add up the number of general processors and zIIPs and zAAPs (special processors) it finds on the physical system. Then, UIE will look up in the Hardware Table for the CPU in the PRGROUP field (processor group) that has the general processor count equivalent to that total, and we compute a MIPS rating using the following formula:

    GCPs on machine under study / (GCPs+zIIps+zAAPs) x MIPs rating of the larger machine. 

    Example the CPU Model is a 2964-511 - 
    GCPs=10 and Speciality Processors=1

    UIE will use from the Hardware table the MIP rating for CPU Model 2964-511 (11 processors for PRGROUP 2964-5xx) which is MIP= 6544.0

    Applying the formula => 10/11*6544.0 = 5949.09

    And depending on the field the value can be rounded or truncated, therefore in some fields appears as 5949 or 5949.1

    If you do NOT want to use this value, you can override MIPs rating using PSYS command in UIE. However, in most cases using a neutral vendor provides transparency with the calculations.

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