Atrium Core 19.08:TSIM  11.3.01 : Marked As Deleted Relationship is still active within a Service Model

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    BMC Atrium Core - CMDB


    BMC Atrium Core


    Mark As Deleted Relationships (Soft Deleted Relationships)



      Some relationships are not being updated in TrueSight Presentation Server (TSPS)/TrueSight Infrastructure Management server (TSIM). For example we have seen an issue where some relationships are Mark As Deleted in CMDB but still show as Active in the Service Model which is being published to TSPS/TSIM.

    This problem can affect all the versions from 9.1.04P2 up until 20.02.  A fix has been included for version 20.08 GA and Hotfixes are being created for the versions where customers indicate there is a problem, as below.

    Available Hotfixes:

    1. For 18.08 Atrium core version:
    "SW00565170 "Some relationships are not being published to TSPS."
    Solution A hot fix was created, AtriumFoundation__1808_20200226_CU_ALL.

     2. For 19.08 Atrium Core version:
    "SW00566357"  "Some relationships are not being published to TSPS"
    Solution A Hotfix was created,  Atrium_1908_AtriumFoundation_20200401_CU_ALL.

    3. For 9.1.04.sp2 Atrium Core version:
    Solution A hot fix was created, AtriumFoundation_9.1.04.002_20200402_CU_ALL

    Note: If you face same issue in any other version prior to mentioned versions then please contact BMC Atrium Core CMDB Support to get this Hotfix Back ported to older versions may be upto 9.1.04 



    CMDBGraphWalk API from NOE, the default value of Max Retrieve is 100


    When we call CMDBGraphWalk API from NOE the default value of Mar retrieve is 100. If customer has more objects i.e. >100 then few relationships get missed top process through.


    If we set Max Retrieve size > the Max objects return (i.e. no of objects) then all relationships get progressed successfully.

    The parameter is supposed to be set in CMDB set up for NOE Plugin, steps are as below:

    1. Apply
    3. This Hotfix differs according to Atrium Core CMDB versions so please contact BMC Atrium core CMDB support to get relevant Hotfix for respective CMDB versions
    5. This Hotfix will provide fix in NOE where we have kept Max Retrieve size as configurable.
      We have added parameter "NOE_MaxRetrieve" which needs to be added to NOE Plugin via CMDB New UI in case of latest CMDB Versions i.e.
       “Configurations -> Core Configurations -> Notification or Plugin Server Configuration. NOE will use the value set for this parameter and accordingly will set Max Retrieve for graph walk api.  
    1. Once Hotfix is applied successfully you can set up value for "NOE_MaxRetrieve" we have tested this up to 5000as max
    3. This value totally depends upon no of objects to be returned during Publish for a top root node ci.
       Additional Information: You can perform steps mentioned in attached text file (if you do not know how many objects are associated with top root node) to calculate value of “NOE_MaxRetrieve” parameter based on the gwq.txt file.

    Detailed steps are mentioned in KA:


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