Atrium Core CMDB:How to Run a script gwq.txt to know number of objects related to top root CI in a Service Model

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    BMC Atrium Core - CMDB


    BMC Atrium Core


    Atrium core CMDB versions starting from 9.x, 18.x , 19.x onwards


    How to execute command gwq.txt.
    This script is developed by CMDB Product Team in order to find out number of objects associated with top root node in a service model. (when you don't know how many objects are associated with top root CI)



    Attached gwq.txt file which has captured how graph walk api is called by the publishing client.(when you Publish service model to Truesight)
    Basically, the same call we can try it from cmdbdriver using attached gwq.txt file.

    In the attached file you need to replace your top root node CI instance id at line number 6. Incase class name for top root node is different than the BMC_BusinessService then you need to specify the name of class at line number 5.
    If you execute attached file using cmdbdriver then it will give you details of how many objects and relationships returned to publishing client in file c:\result.txt.

    Basically it will give you exact object count along with details of each CI for top root node CI.

    How to run attached file using cmdbdriver.

    • Run cmdbdriver program     
      • Run command “init”
      • Run command “log” and specify all the required details of credentials
      • If you have copied attached gwq.txt file in c:\temp folder then        
        • Run command as “ex c:\temp\gwq.txt”
        • The execution of command will create result.txt file in “c:\” which will have exact object count


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