Overview of the the BMC Customer Support Portal dashboard

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    Customer Support Web


    Customer Support Web


    Overview of the Support Central dashboard

    The Support Central dashboard will serve as your main point of interaction with the BMC support pages. Figure below is an overview of the different elements of the Support Central dashboard, with a basic description of what you’ll find in each.

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    1 - Main Support Menu - This menu is the main navigation tool for the resources on Support Central. The menus are organized by topic:

    My Support: In this menu, you’ll find detailed information about your products and licenses, as well as your support profile. 
    Downloads & Products: In this menu, you’ll find tools for downloading products and patches. 
    Resources: In this menu, you’ll find links to the BMC Knowledge Base, user documentation, and information on product availability and compatibility. 
    Additional Support Centers: In this menu, you’ll find additional, brand-specific support resources.
    Contact Support: In this menu, you’ll find contact information for our regional support offices. 

    2 - Account Menu - The account menu has direct links to your account information. You can edit your Support Contract IDs, manage your user profile, log out of Support Central, and view any notifications about upcoming service interruptions from this menu. 

    3 - Case Management - These buttons provide a quick and easy way to create and manage support Cases. 

    4 - Customer Care Shortcut - If you are ever stuck and would like immediate assistance, click the ‘Need Help?’ tab to open up a chat window with BMC’s Customer Care team. 

    Overview of the Support Central dashboard 
    Page 6-7 User Guide: https://www.bmc.com/content/dam/bmc/support/462510_BMC_Support_Central_User_Guide.pdf

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