Atrium CMDB - Cannot save CMDB completeness KPI modifications in Configuration Manager Dashboard

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    BMC Atrium Core - CMDB


    BMC Atrium Core




    In most of the cases whenever below use case is replicated:

    1. Open the configuration manager dashboard
    2. Configurations>Configure Dashboard Parameters> Configure Completeness
    3. Select a class e.g.  BMC_Application.
    4. Delete the TokenId attribute
    5. Click OK

    You will see the error 'Something went wrong' and the change does not save.

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    or see this in the java script logs from the browser:

    Show 42 more frames from Library code
    main.a2a5ea063709a3773068.js:1 Error caught in interceptor: 
    main.a2a5ea063709a3773068.js:1 TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of null

        at e.handleError (main.a2a5ea063709a3773068.js:1)
        at t.selector (main.a2a5ea063709a3773068.js:1)
        at t.error (main.a2a5ea063709a3773068.js:1)
        at XMLHttpRequest.u (main.a2a5ea063709a3773068.js:1)
        at t.invokeTask (polyfills.49ad3ff8580f107de3ee.js:1)
        at Object.onInvokeTask (main.a2a5ea063709a3773068.js:1)
        at t.invokeTask (polyfills.49ad3ff8580f107de3ee.js:1)
        at n.runTask (polyfills.49ad3ff8580f107de3ee.js:1)
        at n.invokeTask [as invoke] (polyfills.49ad3ff8580f107de3ee.js:1)
        at m (polyfills.49ad3ff8580f107de3ee.js:1)
        at XMLHttpRequest.b (polyfills.49ad3ff8580f107de3ee.js:1)
    main.a2a5ea063709a3773068.js:1 forwarding response to global error handler..
    main.a2a5ea063709a3773068.js:1 t {headers: e, status: 405, statusText: "Method Not Allowed", url: "https://<youraserverfqdn>/api/cmdb/v1.0/dashboardconfig/completeness/", ok: false, …}
    main.a2a5ea063709a3773068.js:1 Error handled in CmdbErrorHandler: 
    e.handleError @ main.a2a5ea063709a3773068.js:1

    CMDB Portal log collection reference article: BMC Atrium CMDB - Which logs needs to be captured for troubleshooting New CMDB UI related issues?

    These are the characteristics of this issue:

    - The issue occurs with all Out of the box attributes.
    - The error does not occur after adding a new attribute and then deleting it.
    - This issue only seems to occur on upgraded systems as this does not occur on freshly installed systems.


    Metadata for the OOB settings is missing the instance ID.


    As a workaround you can back up and manually remove the unwanted completeness attributes directly from the form CMDB:Dashboard:Completeness_Configuration

    This will be a one time activity. If you want to re-add any of these attributes via the CMDB UI the metadata will be saved with an instance id; you will then not have any issues deleting the attributes going forward in that case.

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